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Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding oman

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Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower is one of the important products that is used by our investors and customers. This tower requires to be of high strength and specifications. We provide you with the best tower in the market. Our Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower is made up of great material. You won’t be dissatisfied with the service at all.


Mobile Scaffolding Supplier – Mobile Scaffolding Tower

  • Twin platform enables more spacious work area
  • Built in ladder allows easy access to the top
  • Safe working load per platform is 225 kg
  • The caster has dual braking system and the body is chrome plated
  • Multi-level work is possible at one time
  • Stabilizers are advisable for 5mtr and above scaffolds
  • Aluminum scaffolds are otherwise known as lightweight scaffolding which enables easy assembling and dismantling